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How We Help.

BeHumanKindness is known around Poland as the ladies in the pink jackets, who never say no, come when they are called, and provide the care they say they will provide. We have developed a strong relationship with many non-profits and government agencies who connect us with the most vulnerable families.


Families that are referred to us often have specific needs that require specialized case management. Examples are refugees who have sustained injuries during evacuation, families with pregnancy, babies and small children, large groups of women and children traveling together, elderly, refugees with pre-existing medical conditions and other unique cases.

Thanks to our generous donors, BeHumanKindness is known as the non-profit that provides individualized care for families based on their needs.


BeHumanKindness works with numerous non-profit and government agencies on the ground in Ukraine and Poland . These agencies provide immediate food, clothing, medical care and shelter to the refugees in the first few hours or days after they cross into Poland. 


This network connects BeHumanKindness with the most vulnerable refugees needing comprehensive care.

BeHumanKindness is visiting large refugee centers, train & bus stations, large cafeterias, visa processing centers and places with large refugee populations to connect with administrators and volunteers- working together to find those that need specialized care.


Education & Resources

Many refugees are leaving behind husbands and family members still in Ukraine. Understandably, many have a difficult time discussing next steps. Most refugees are wishing to be relocated in countries near Ukraine so that they can return as soon as it is safe.


Our team, many who are refugees themselves, engage in empathetic but practical conversations with refugees, encouraging the importance of making here-and-now decisions for living successful lives during their displacement. Our multi-lingual team allows for these difficult conversations to be in their native language and with respect to their culture.


Once a refugee has acknowledged the need for more permanent, long term relocation, BeHumanKindness assists individuals as they navigate their relocation options. Over 40 countries around the world have created fast tracked immigration policies for Ukrainian refugees. Sifting through the various options and available aid in each country is daunting even to individuals not living in the midst of crisis.


Our multi-lingual team works with each refugee to choose the best option for long term relocation.


Immigration Process

Once a refugee has made the difficult decision to relocate and begin a new, temporary life, the process of relocation begins. While countries around the world are opening their borders to Ukrainians, the process is often complicated, time consuming and bureaucratic. Imagine going on an international trip that you do not want to be on, with no time to pack, prepare needed paperwork or learn the language.


BeHumanKindness works side by side with refugees through the entire immigration process. BeHumanKindness assists in preparing the proper governmental documents needed for immigration into the country. Accompanying refugees to local Embassies, locating birth certificates, renewing passports and filling out Visa applications. 

Then more paperwork. Various applications are required for Ukrainians to assess healthcare, housing, child care stipends, schooling, driving and other government programs. BeHumanKindness walks with each refugee in our care, translating, preparing and submitting all needed paperwork to create a seamless transition into a new country.

Waiting & Preparing

BeHumanKindness provides safe housing and food for all refugees in our program while they are waiting on approval and implemented aid from their country of choice.

During this time, BeHumanKindness purchases needed items for travel and successful resettlement. This can be as simple as purchasing a suitcase, clothing, shoes or more comprehensive care, like seeking medical attention for needed medications.

BeHumanKindness maximizes this waiting time by creating a safe, joyful environment that fosters community engagement with other refugees. We encouraging outings to local parks and museums, craft nights, and typically ending each day with a group meal cooked by an eager Ukrainian wanting to share their gratitude. These small gestures begin the healing process and begin restoring hope for a better future.

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New Beginnings

The entire process for long term relocation can be anywhere from 4 days to 4 months based on the current status of immigration policies in various countries. BeHumanKIndness is beside each refugee during this journey. 

When the day comes for relocation BeHumanKindness provides assistance with travel costs including essential items, new clothing, suitcases and tickets.

Once you have joined the BeHumanKindness family our team will continually followup with each relocated refugee ensuring a successful transition into their new home. We will continue to assist with any needs that arise such as school enrollments, connections for job opportunities and troubleshooting aid programs in that country.

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