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Over 12 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since the Russian invasion on  February 24, 2022.  Approximately 9.1 million people have fled to neighboring countries. 4.6 million have crossed into Poland.


4.3 million refugees are children, accounting for over half of the countries 7.5 million child population. Every second a Ukrainian child becomes a refugee.

This is the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War and will likely surpass as the largest in history. 

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Our Calling

BeHumanKindness believes goodness, kindness & selflessness will always exist in a world where Jesus reigns. We believe in our Creator, whose original intent for us includes our reflecting His values of Love and Kindness toward His Creation, and as His creation, we should treat all people with dignity. We believe it is our responsibility to make the world a better place. We believe that love will always be the opposite of hate. We believe the light will always overshadow the darkness and that His creation is redeemable. We believe kindness will change the world.

We believe kindness is simple.

BeHumanKindness is committed to representing our beliefs and mission statement every day through our interactions and care for the most vulnerable families, living in crisis, all around the world.  We encourage others to join us on our mission.

Be Human. Be Kind. 

Ukraine need your KINDNESS

Four Commitments to Kindness - Ukraine Efforts


33 bed Safe House in Ukraine

Mission: To channel families out of Eastern Ukraine, mainly Russian occupied areas and areas in active combat to immediate safety and shelter. 


Families usually stay 1-2 weeks as they make plans for evacuation, say goodbye to family and get legal matters in order for long term relocation. BeHumanKindness encourages families to move quickly and channels many to our safe houses in Warsaw, Poland.  



171 bed Safe House in Warsaw, Poland
Operate a full and comprehensive relocation program

Mission: To provide secure and safe housing for families as they make choices and facilitate the process of their long term relocation specifically outside of Poland where opportunities for success are limited because of the number of Ukrainians fleeing there on a daily basis. Overall, Poland has seen over 30% increase in population.



3-story, 4,200 square ft private home in Warsaw, Poland
15-20 families (women and children); about 50 refugees total

Mission: To provide long term community housing for families, specifically the most vulnerable, special needs cases, that make it best for them to remain in Poland. Our primary goal is advocating for children to be enrolled in accredited school programs and empowering mothers to find stable employment. These routines promote normalcy for the family and in affect, positive mental health and healing begins. 

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Mission: Gather and transport donated items from American partners into Poland and then facilitate the transfer of supplies into Ukraine. Our partner in Ukraine, a trauma surgeon who is a cousin to one of our employees, with his team, uses the equipment and medicine to travel all over Ukraine into conflict zones. This team of Ukrainian doctors provides emergency medical care to wounded soldiers and civilians in active combat zones.


Our Mission

BeHumanKindness is a network of humans from all across the world who believe in the goodness of humanity and the life changing impact that kindness and generosity can have in lives of women, children and families living in crisis.

The greatest way to show Christ’s love is through our actions, walking next to these families and serving them in their time of need. 

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"The world is changed by your example, not your opinion."



What We Do

BeHumanKindness is committed to creating an interpersonal relationship with refugees from areas of international conflict or tragedy.


BeHumanKindness walks the journey with those in need, coming along side them to assist with humanitarian aid, education, empowerment, healing, relocation and other services needed to help facilitate opportunities for long term success.

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